Don’t ever apologize for liking a book

A few days ago I sat in the train, on my way home, when I picked up a conversation between three people that were sitting three rows behind me. A girl was telling her friends about a book she’d read and loved. Which of course peeked my interest. Because I am the kind of person that, when I see somebody reading, I do everything to find out the title (like leaning over or dropping something, anything to get a peek). And hearing people talk about books makes me happy, so of course I was eavesdropping. However, the conversation took a different turn when one of the other girls claimed she hated the book (and the third agreed). Because she started backtracking, and claimed it wasn’t that good after all. She didn’t apologize for liking the book, but it came very close to an apology.


Why on earth, if you like a book, would you apologize for liking it?

If you like a book, wait scratch that, if you LOVE a book there NOTHING wrong with that. It’s YOUR opinion. Whether other people like the book or not, that doesn’t have anything to do with you. That’s the beauty of having your own opinion.

Never be ashamed of loving a book just because others don’t. One of my favourite series is Partials by Dan Wells. I recommended the book to a close friend of mine (and our taste in books is pretty similar), but it just wasn’t her cup of tea. Does that make me love the book less? Hell no. There isn’t a single book that everybody likes. There’s always going to be somebody that just didn’t really like it that much, and that is okay. That makes you YOU.

Now I didn’t say anything. It was bad enough I was eavesdropping. Plus, I don’t think it would be appreciated if I had started lecturing the poor girls. But if any of you ever feel the need to do the same (I know I have in the past… but I know better now), please take it from me: Don’t. There’s no need. If you love a book, stand behind it!

The End *bows* haha

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  1. 12/03/2015 / 14:44

    It’s so sad that she felt she had to back-pedal and reverse her opinion. :( I wish she could read this post!!

    • Iris
      23/03/2015 / 14:43

      That’s exactly why I wrote this post I know chances she actually reads this are very slim. But IF she does… I want her to know that she never should apologize. It’s okay to like different things, that’s what makes you you.

  2. Well said, you make a great point. Two of my closest blogging friends loved Winner’s Curse, and I didn’t, and they don’t feel differently towards me for it, they don’t hate me, and I don’t hate them, and we still like the book, or don’t like as the case is, as much as we did. True friends wouldn’t make you feel as though you had to apologise. The point of books is that we all feel differently about them. The world would be a very different place otherwise. Great post! :)

    • Iris
      23/03/2015 / 14:44

      Exactly! True friends shouldn’t care that you like a book they didn’t. We’re are all allowed to have our own opinions.

  3. Of course you should never apologize for liking a book. I’m sure Fifty Shades of Grey won’t be my cup of tea when I finally will read the complete book, but I know that there are people who ADORE the series and that’s fine with me. Whatever floats your boat.

    (Oh I eavesdrop too when it comes to people talking about books)

    • Iris
      23/03/2015 / 14:45

      Haha. Eavesdropping is kinda fun. Just like I’m obsessed with knowing the titles of the books people are reading (in the train or bus)

  4. 13/03/2015 / 19:32

    That’s so sad!
    You have a right for your own opinion, even if it doesn’t match that or your friends!

    • Iris
      23/03/2015 / 14:46


    • Iris
      23/03/2015 / 14:48

      It made me really sad as well. I used to worry about this a lot when I was younger. Eventually I just got sick of trying to be somebody I’m not (plus I found the blogging community, and it helps a LOT knowing that there’s tons of other people that love reading just as much as you do)

  5. 15/03/2015 / 04:45

    Amen to that! One thing I’m learning as I get older is that it’s OK for me to like the things I like. My first instinct is to apologize, but then I ask myself WHY? Soon, people will care less what others thing and concentrate on what makes them happy. I’m still working on that for me.

    Beautiful blog, by the way! :)

    • Iris
      23/03/2015 / 14:50

      Yes! Always ask yourself why you’re apologizing. And if there really is no reason to, please don’t. What you like, makes you you! (I struggled with this as well).

  6. 15/03/2015 / 11:06

    I love this post, preach it girl!

    I think it’s tragic when others feel that they have to alter their opinions purely because someone disagrees. It’s the worst form of peer pressure. Though I understand it can be intimidating, I think it’s very important to stand up for what you believe in, even if it’s a book that you loved and someone else didn’t. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions! Personally, this has happened to my friends and I a couple of times and I think it’s admirable when someone dares to go against the grain, it makes me respect a person even more for being solid in their stance!

    By the way, you have a lovely blog! It’s my first time coming across it, but I really do love your content. You’ll be seeing more of me! Happy reading! x :)

    • Iris
      23/03/2015 / 14:53

      Peer pressure can be very intimidating, and it’s so sad that people can’t express themselves because of it. It’s hard to go against it, but also very very brave and admirable. I definitely agree that I respect people all the more when they dare to go against the grain. Always try to stand up for yourself and what you love. :)

  7. 01/04/2015 / 11:38

    It’s so true what you’re saying!
    I don’t really have people around me that read so I never really had this experience. But when I watch booktube videos, the same goes for disliking a book. People get a lot of hate for that too most of the times! Especially if it’s a really hyped up book, they apologize in for hand for not liking the book and not wanting to get hate on it.
    So I absolutely agree about what you’re saying and I wanted to add this to your post! It’s really good that you posted this!

  8. 06/08/2015 / 01:51

    You’re so right! I mean, I guess as book bloggers maybe we’re just used to it and it’s easier for us. But I wish everyone realized that each individual has his/her own opinion. With every book comes people who love it and people who hate it – there is nothing wrong with being one of the people who loves it, just like there would be nothing wrong with being the person who hates it.

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