Epic Recs – February

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Epic Recs is a feature hosted by Amber and Paper Riot.

In January my friend Kim contacted me, wondering whether  I was interested in teaming up and joining in the Epic Recs feature. Which, of course, I thought was an awesome idea, so I replied and said yes. Kim has recommended books to me before and up until now I have always loved them (the other way around as well!) and we both have, what I consider, awesome taste in books. So I have a feeling this might work our VERY well!

So, what are we reading this month?


I totally recommended Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard! I noticed this being on her Wishlist, and that just won’t do… This is one of my favourite books, and if we’re going to do this, she has to have read SS&D so we can fan-girl over Daniel together! Kim recommended Pivot Point by Kasie West, her reason for recommending: because it’s awesome she needs me to read it.

Anyway, I ordered Pivot Point and am waiting for it to arrive until I can start reading!

Game On!  Oh, and Kim… Don’t forget to aim for the knees!


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  1. I’m going to have to go look more into this feature- sounds fun! I haven’t read either of these yet, but they have been on my TBR for awhile – isn’t that always the problem? Maybe I should bump them up a bit! – Especially after that ” aim fo r the knees” comment, that just intrigues me !

    • Iris
      10/02/2014 / 00:20

      Haha, the ‘aim for the knees’ comment is so fun to make. I love how it intrigues people! I know what you mean about books being on your TBR pile and staying there for a while… its why I liked this feature so much. Its just a great way to push people to read a certain book (some on the TBR pile and some you’ve never heard about before).

      Let me know if you’re going to join the feature! :) I’ll stop by.

  2. 03/02/2014 / 04:49

    I still need to read both of those books! I’m a bit iffy on whether I should read Something Strange and Deadly though because I am not a big fan of YA historical books. But I heard it’s a zombie book also, so I’ll probably read it in the future. I’m also planning on reading Pivot Point b/c the hype man, the hype. I heard SOOOO many great things about it so why not!

    • Iris
      10/02/2014 / 00:24

      You most definitely need to read Something Strange and Deadly! The zombie part was what made me hesitant, but its such a freaking good book. And the YA Historical part is done so great (Pinky Promise!)

      I just started reading Pivot Point, and am loving it thoroughly! So a definite must-read as well.

      I hope you enjoy both these books as much as I did!

  3. 03/02/2014 / 09:47

    I’m glad you both decided to team up and join in! I hope you have as much fun as Judith and I are having. Pivot Point is AMAZING, and you’re reading it at a perfect time. I almost wish I had waited to read it because the wait has been a killer. Something Strange and Deadly is one I’ve been wanting to read for ages, but still haven’t gotten around to. SOON.

    • Iris
      10/02/2014 / 22:20

      I am very happy with the timing, since the sequel is coming out quite soon after (lucky me! I don’t have the wait you all suffered).

      Thanks for the warm welcome :)

  4. 03/02/2014 / 10:28

    I liked Something Strange & Deadly! It was so quirky (and funny). I especially loved how her name was Miss Fitt…or misfit. SO CLEVER. :)

    • Iris
      10/02/2014 / 22:21

      Oh wow, I didn’t even realize that! That is so amazingly clever!
      I did love that book, for real, its one of my favourite reads <3

  5. 04/02/2014 / 19:53

    I really want to read both of these because I’ve heard such great things. Can’t wait to hear both of your thoughts!

    • Iris
      10/02/2014 / 22:23

      I just posted my review of Pivot Point! I thought it was brilliantly written and highly recommend it :)

      That’s my subtle way of saying that you should read both books! haha

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