One Thing Stolen by Beth Kephart | Book Review

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

One Thing Stolen by Beth Kephart | Book ReviewOne Thing Stolen by Beth Kephart
Published by Chronicle Books on April 14th 2015
Genres: Contemporary
Pages: 272
Format: ARC
Source: the Publisher

Something is not right with Nadia Cara. She’s become a thief. She has secrets she can’t tell. And when she tries to speak, the words seem far away. In Florence, Italy, with her epicurean brother, professor father, and mother who helps at-risk teens, Nadia finds herself trapped by her own obsessions and following the trail of an elusive Italian boy whom no one but herself has seen. While her father researches a flood that nearly destroyed Florence in 1966, Nadia wonders if she herself can be rescued—or will she disappear?

Set against the backdrop of a glimmering city, One Thing Stolen is an exploration of obsession, art, and a rare neurological disorder. It is about language and beauty, imagining and knowing, and the deep salvation of love

What I thought

One Thing Stolen just wasn’t my cup of tea. I felt incredibly disconnected from the story and its characters, and because of this the whole book just fell flat. I couldn’t get into the story and while it saddens me, I decided to quit about halfway in. I read some other reviews, and they told me that there’s a point of view change later on, and I skimmed through that part, but in the end I came to the conclusion that this book just wasn’t for me.

The novel is written is mainly written from Nadia’s perspective, but because of her mental state the story is incredibly hard to follow (the fact that no dialogue tags added to this as well). The story just didn’t make sense to me. I felt disoriented, and confused, and I get that maybe that’s the point. That it’s used to bring across the way the main character is feeling, but the entire story was jumpy and it made me feel even more disconnected. I would have liked to connect with something, anything, in the story. But I didn’t, and I think this is a huge part of why this story fell flat for me.

The last quarter of the book the perspective shifts, and we’re finally let in on what the hell is going on. But it was too late at that point for me. I skimmed through that part a bit, but I couldn’t manage to convince myself to pick it up again. I don’t like to struggle all the way through a book, and that is what One Thing Stolen was for me: a struggle.

I do have to say that I like what the author tried to do with her writing style. It was a lot like free verse, very poetic. It’s artistic, but it also made the story even more complex than it already was. And this is why it ended up feeling empty as well.

Final verdict IRISJEXX!This book wasn’t for me. I felt disconnected from the story and its characters. It was, unfortunately, a confusing mess and a struggle to get through. The blurb was very promising, but the story fell really flat for me.

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  1. 09/06/2015 / 20:34

    This book is on my “maybe” shelf, but after reading your review, I’m even less motivated to read it. I don’t think I’d enjoy not knowing what’s going on until the very end.

    I’m sorry you’re not playing Mafia this round! Do you think you’ll follow the game at all?

    • Iris
      09/06/2015 / 21:33

      There are plenty of people who can look past that, and I could look past it if not knowing what was going on was the only thing. The problem was that it was written in such a way that made everything confusing, appeared disjointed, and it prevented me from connecting with the characters… I was too confused, and really had no idea what was going on. And sadly that really doesn’t work for me.
      I’m not playing mafia this time around no :) I really enjoyed last time, but I just finished my exams and I have lots of catching up to do on blogging (and reading!). I have tons of books ready to be read and reviewed haha. Plus, I played last time, and even though I LOVE the Lunar Chronicles, I figured there were tons of other people wanting to join in on the fun.
      I am planning on following the game though! It’ll be fun to see if I can spot the mafia! I totally should have listened to my gut feeling last time, I spotted two mafia after the second day… Frustrating, frustrating game Haha.

      • 18/06/2015 / 21:25

        Hahaha, insanely frustrating! I’m excited to play again, but I’m also already stressed out a bit. I feel like last time was easier because it was my first time, but now I have to actually play better. But at least I also know that it’s not a big deal to get killed, because the dead players page is just as fun!

        Enjoy catching up on your reading. :)

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