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Welcome to the explorations of an amateur photographer, professional bookworm, part-time wine enthusiast, and full-time cat mom.

I am originally from the Netherlands and am currently living in Edinburgh. Having lived all kinds of adventures through the books I read, August 2018 I decided to go on my own adventure by moving to Scotland and chasing a career in publishing.

The Current Count

Although this is in no way the definite count of books I’ve read in my life, it offers a realistic insight into the mountain of books I’ve devoured the past few years.




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Stories Behind the Shelves | Cait from Notebook Sisters

Stories Behind the Shelves is an original feature created here at IrisjeXx. If you’d like to be featured, please send me a message though the contact form you can find at the Stories Behind the Shelves page you can find in the Menu under features. This week I happily...

The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry | Book Review

Let me start of by saying that this story had so much potential. I expected a heavy emotional heft from this book, which is to be expected if you read the synopsis. Unfortunately, while this was not a bad book, it just didn't live up to expectations. While it has a...

Happy New Year!

Its 2014! Well, maybe not yet in every country but in the Netherlands it is. I thought this day would be a nice time to look back to all that 2013 has brought me. Because 2013 was the year I started blogging! March 10th to be exact, and looking back I am so happy that...

The Edinburgh Walking Guide

One of my absolute favourite characteristics of Edinburgh is that there are a plethora of walks to enjoy. Since it has now been five months since that I moved here, I thought it would be nice to share my favorite places to escape the city for a bit. Armed with a home-brewed cup of coffee, I prepared a list of beautiful and relaxing places to walk in Edinburgh or around the Edinburgh area.

Photo Gallery

 I am an amateur photographer and whenever I travel somewhere, whether just in Edinburgh or another country or city, I usually bring my camera with me. These are some of the most recent photographs I took.