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Welcome to the explorations of an amateur photographer, professional bookworm, part-time wine enthusiast, and full-time cat mom.

I am originally from the Netherlands and am currently living in Edinburgh. Having lived all kinds of adventures through the books I read, August 2018 I decided to go on my own adventure by moving to Scotland and chasing a career in publishing.

The Current Count

Although this is in no way the definite count of books I’ve read in my life, it offers a realistic insight into the mountain of books I’ve devoured the past few years.




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Black Chalk by Albert Alla | Book Review

"Each memory came innocent and left tainted. And once tainted, memories grew persistent. Their stench remained and coloured other thoughts, so that, like an infection, I was soon left with nothing but tainted memories" I had to let this book sink in a little bit...

Stories Behind the Shelves | Ruby from Feed Me Books Now

*waves* Hi everyone! I'm super excited to announce the next blogger in Stories Behind the Shelves. Which you already know from reading the title, but we'll just ignore that and you my lovely readers are kind enough not to mention it! *Drum Ruffle* Ruby from Feed Me...

End of the Year Book Survey 2013

This Feature is hosted by the amazing Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner. Since I started blogging in March 2013, I can't believe it has been a year in a few months, this is my first time filling out the End of Year Book Survey. And since I love Jamie's blog, and I...

Best View of Edinburgh

Whenever someone visits me I ALWAYS take them up Arthur’s Seat. Because you simply can’t visit Edinburg and not go up Arthur’s Seat or the Salisbury Crags. So when friends were visiting the city, I took it as a perfect excuse to take them up Arthur’s Seat (and my camera in tow).

Photo Gallery

 I am an amateur photographer and whenever I travel somewhere, whether just in Edinburgh or another country or city, I usually bring my camera with me. These are some of the most recent photographs I took.