Talking ‘Books’ with non-readers

Daily Dose As a reader, or a Book Blogger really, I often find myself talking about books. I think we all love a good conversation or discussion about our favourite reads, but what about the non-readers? This is a question that has been plaguing me a lot, because do I bore people when I tell them about my latest read? Or I think the real thing I am wondering is, do I talk TOO much about books?

Reading has always been something I loved to do. At high school, during breaks, you could almost always find me in the library reading a book. Its always been a constant in my life and it has always been the key to relaxing for me. That hasn’t changed, but after I started blogging, reading has become even a bigger part in my life. I read even more, I blog regularly ABOUT reading and I am the first to admit that I often find myself talking about the book I’m reading at that time.

My friends obviously know about my crazy reading habits, its hard to miss, and they are the first to roll their eyes whenever I open my bag and they see a book on top. Cause I always carry one around. I try not to read too much at school, at least not when there’s friends around (the bus ride home is a whole different story) and every now and then they are the ones to open a conversation on reading. Which I highly suspect is purely for my benefit, because I know most of them aren’t really readers. And when they open the conversation, in my excitement I sometimes end up talking their ears off… most times though, I am pretty good at picking up when their attention starts wavering. Its when I try to shut up and start another conversation.

I get teased too, about the geek/nerd I am. I guess there might be some truth in that, and I don’t mind my friends teasing me, because I know it comes from a good heart. The thing is that I’ve been called the same names, because of the amount of reading I do, from less than teasing purposes, people calling me names to hurt me. Which doesn’t bother me the least anymore… Honestly, I mostly think its envy, because after all, I found that one thing that I enjoy doing and really LOVE to do. But I wonder, if non-readers are annoyed when I fangirl and talk about bookish things.

I guess I worry most about Nerding Out too much… Or about annoying my friends who don’t like to read. Or even people who aren’t my friends, because I can see the moment they realize they opened a conversation with me that will have me fangirling over a book, fictional character, or author. Most of the time my fangirling actually leads to some very amusing situations. I amuse people with my child-like excitement over finding a new read.

So all and all, I think I don’t talk TOO much about reading. Or at least I became good at picking up signals in conversations.

How do your friends deal with your Excitement over Books? Do you think you talk too much about blog/book related topics?

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  1. 12/02/2014 / 17:41

    Nice post! I also usually avoid talking too much about books, because I know most of my friends aren’t interested. It’s sad though, because as much as I enjoy talking about books with internet people, it would also be nice to talk to someone on person about them.

    • Iris
      12/02/2014 / 18:51

      That’s what stops me as well… But sometimes I just can’t contain my excitement and I need somebody to talk with in person, and it would be so nice to have somebody to discuss all of these FEELS with :)

  2. 12/02/2014 / 18:14

    Haha. . . I probably do. I’m pretty quiet outside of my blog, though. If I talk, it’s usually to my siblings (who declare me weird with plenty of other things too) or people I already know like books. I’m kind of scared to do it with most people. I keep expecting it to go badly.

    • Iris
      12/02/2014 / 20:51

      I talk to my mom and my sister, they’re pretty cool about it and actually listen haha. It’s different though from having a friend to squeal and fangirl with (though my sister is pretty awesome to squeal and fangirl with).

      I know what you mean by saying that you expect it to go badly, it is what holds me back as well.

  3. 12/02/2014 / 19:19

    I don’t talk about books with my friends, because I know they aren’t interested in them at all. I do like to fangirl over books when I’m with my boyfriend. He doesn’t always get it, but he does listen to me (and sometimes thinks I’m crazy, haha) It’s one of the reasons why blogging means so much to me :) Talking about books with people that get me.

    • Iris
      12/02/2014 / 23:35

      I thinking I should find myself a boyfriend who I can ramble to books about! haha.
      You are a 100% right about the blogging part though, I love that I can talk/ ramble/ fangirl and pretty much everything else with people that ramble right back :) It really means the world to me as well!

  4. 12/02/2014 / 20:20

    I talk about books a ton. I usually try to have some friends that are just as book crazy as I am because sometimes you just need the outlet. I have my sisters sometimes to talk too but it isn’t always the same as talking to a friend. My boyfriend isn’t any help because he doesn’t understand my love of books. He thinks it will take over. I was actually telling his mom last night that he needs to get used to dating a woman that is a book nerd because it isn’t going to go away. A lot of my friends just don’t get the book fandom. I try really hard to not talk about it a lot but when I get excited it is really hard which is why blogging is so much fun to me. I get to celebrate books without. At least my boyfriend is willing to listen to me even if he doesn’t understand my book craze.

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 11:30

      I talk with my sister about books as well, but you’re definitely spot on about it not always being the same as talking to a friend.

      Your boyfriend things your love for books will go away over time? haha, he’s going to be in for a surprise then! Loving books (or reading really) is a lifestyle! :) Though its sweet that he’s willing to listen, even though he doesn’t understand!

      Blogging is definitely an outlet for all my book-related fangirling. Online people fangirl with me, and with my friends, that just doesn’t really happen. (Though I have one or two friends that like to read, they read waaaay less than me, so most of the time they haven’t read the books I’m reading, which makes it hard to discuss …)

      • 20/02/2014 / 23:06

        It is definitely sweet. He likes to tease me a lot about it though. Lately he has been a huge help with talking to me and listening about finding a new place to host my blog. We keep going over my different offers and everything so it is nice having someone listen and help. Plus he is very encouraging with my blog even though he doesn’t understand keeping all my books. He understands buying and reading them he just doesn’t get why I keep them all.

  5. 12/02/2014 / 23:21

    I used to talk about books a ton but I didn’t really have any friends or family that read, so I don’t so much anymore. But that’s why I love blogging! I can talk as much as I want about what I want and there are so many people with similar interests :)

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 12:30

      I hear that a lot, it’s great that blogging gives us an opportunity to get rid of all those pent up feelings and the ability to discuss books.
      It just sucks that we can’t do that with friends…

  6. 13/02/2014 / 08:43

    I don’t have a lot of friends, so it’s not too much of a problem for me! I’m VERY conscious not to talk about books with the friends I do have. None of them read at all! It’s a shame, really, how people turn-off when you say “I was reading about…” because they’re “not readers”. I mean, I’m not a sport-interested-person, but I can still hold a conversation about the Olympics or whatnot! I totally feel your dilemma.

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 12:56

      It’s like mentioning that you read is the best way to scare people off! I don’t mind having a conversation about something I’m not really interested in, because I know somebody else is interested in that topic (like sports, although I don’t mind sports or something…), but why cant they do the same with reading?

  7. 13/02/2014 / 09:55

    This is something I think about a lot. When I am finished with a good book I always tell my fiance about it. He is usually sitting right across from me playing a video game. (I try to get him to read, but it hasn’t happened in a while.) I either sigh and say “that was good” and most of the time he asks me to tell him about it. (He’s a good listener… or maybe he just lets me get it all out so he doesn’t have to hear it again… hmm) or I vent and usually get pretty upset when I finish a book and can’t believe I wasted my time.

    I have two cousins that I hang out with from time to time (in their 30’s and 40’s). One likes to read, her mother is a book fanatic, so that’s nice. (She actually gave me a bunch of her books she was taking to the thrift shop when I moved closer!) But my other cousin… I am pretty sure, has only read the Twilight series in like the past 10 years. That is depressing. So conversation is limited to cousin number one who I don’t see often. It’s mostly a bunch of pointing and “oohing and ahhing” in the bookstore.

    So, my blog and commenting on other blogs is about as far as my bookish conversations go since high school (7 years ago, ugh). I do have a best friend that got me into the Georgia Nicholson series and Go Ask Alice back then. Now I resort to the internet.

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 13:48

      You guys have great boyfriends/fiancés! I heard it from more bloggers, that their boyfriends are willing to listen, and I think that’s amazing! Its sweet and *sigh* I want one! (which sounds so silly haha)

      Its pretty damn great how blogging gives us an outlet and a place to have our bookish conversations!

  8. 13/02/2014 / 17:42

    I’m the only reader in my family and group of friends, so it’s very rare that I actually start a conversation about books with them. My boyfriend does ask, occasionally, how the book I’m reading is, which I appreciate, but I feel like I can’t go into as much detail as I can online because he’ll be bored!

    I feel like out of all hobbies, talking about books is the biggest no-no with other people who don’t share your hobby. Like, I have friends that talk about playing sports, painting, watching movies or whatever, and everyone listens fairly closely, but talk about reading and everyone’s attention wanes really quickly!

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 14:22

      Talking about books really is a no-go… that’s what I’ve been experiencing more and more as well. I don’t really see why, since (like you mentioned) its not a problem with sports, art, or watching movies.
      I feel like mentioning reading is a big turn-off and conversation killer around non-readers.

      I’m just glad to have blogging as a place to dump all my bookish conversations ;)

  9. 13/02/2014 / 23:26

    I don’t really talk about books with my friends often. I think I only ever talked about books with my friends that DO like to read. I tried talking to my friend that did not like to read once and she was just nodding her head lmao. xD I’m like oohhhkaaayy… But one of my friends just finished reading Insurgent and she loved it! We’re trying to read Allegiant together after I finish Insurgent. What I noticed about my book-lover friends is that they read the Best Selling books. I’m trying to branch them out to other books who didn’t get best selling because those books are really good too!

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 14:44

      Oh! that’s a very valid point. I try to expand my horizons as well, go outside of my comfort zone while reading books. But my friends (those few that do read) stick to the best selling books as well.

      Well noticed!

  10. 15/02/2014 / 14:06

    Most people know I have a blog and like reading, and sometimes they ask and talk about it and I don’t mind sharing it with them. They tease me, I’m sure, but I just ignore it. I don’t think they mean any harm.
    My friend likes swimming and goes on about it loads and people get fed up with it, so I always make sure I don’t talk about books too much and bore their ears off. I find that if they talk about themselves anyway, they don’t mind it when you talk about yourself.

    Great post, Iris! :D

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 15:01

      Thank you!

      The teasing is fine, as long as they don’t mean harm. I can take a joke ;) And when it becomes too much I say so. They don’t mean harm, and I know it, that’s a pretty good feeling.

      I’m just careful to not talk too much about my blogging and reading, because I know they’re just not really interested.

  11. 16/02/2014 / 11:17

    Personally I don’t talk much about books because I know my friends don’t care. If they ask me about it, I’ll answer but that’s about it. I only have one friend that reads a lot of books but they’re usually the ones that I didn’t enjoy or I’m not interested in so we don’t have many book-related conversations. She doesn’t get my excitement and I don’t get hers haha.

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 15:14

      That’s too bad… But from what I’ve learned from all the replies is that at least we all have blogging! Its a great outlet and I’m so happy that I made the decision to start blogging.

  12. 16/02/2014 / 21:30

    I only talk books to some people about books, mostly. Sometimes I get carried away when someone brings up a movie that’s based on a book or whatever, and I’m off. But think that, just like you, I’m pretty good at picking up when people are losing interest in the topic. Sometimes I wish I had more bookish friends, I could really do with more book chats in my life, they are just the most entertaining ever!

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 15:20

      Book chats for ever! They are super entertaining, the rants, the fangirling, the swooning, I love it all! :)
      The getting carried away part is what I’m trying to control as well. Yay for us and being able to pick up when we are boring our friends!

  13. 17/02/2014 / 15:08

    I actually only tend to talk about books with people online, because that way I can completely fangirl. My family / friends aren’t massive readers, so discussing books with them would be a bit pointless.

    Book bloggers are my people! They understand why I’m squealing at a certain page in a certain book and don’t judge my erratic fangirl moods.

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 15:29

      Lately online has been the only place to talk about books for me as well. It is true, that its THE way to fangirl.

      Book bloggers are my people too :) I love how you put that!

  14. 17/02/2014 / 20:23

    This is why I love the blogging community: I can FINALLY talk about books. No one I know is such a big reader as me, actually, most don’t read at all. So I stopped talking to friends & family about books, because it just doesn’t work. I mean, I would talk a little, but only when they ask what I’m reading or something. But I don’t squee or anything to them, because they wouldn’t understand, haha. They’re like, Tarver who? And people calling you names because you’re a reader are the worst. Good for you that you find something that your passionate about, they wish they had.

    • Iris
      17/02/2014 / 23:49

      Somebody that would ask me ‘Tarver who?’ would break my heart… How can people go their whole lives without Tarver is above me! (Drama queen much, but all my fellow Tarver lovers will totally back me up here!)

      I can’t wait to see you in a two weeks! We can do all the bookish talking and squealing together ;)

  15. 18/02/2014 / 03:10

    I don’t usually talk about books with my friends. They don’t like to read. That’s what my sister is for lol =D I know I can talk her ear off about books and she doesn’t mind (usually) ;)

    • Iris
      20/02/2014 / 20:50

      yay for all those sisters that are willing to listen to us! ;)

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