When Suddenly You Can Talk Books Without Shame

You know that moment? When you meet someone new and after talking to them for a while you find out that they are readers? That they are not just readers, but ‘big’ readers like yourself. The moment that you feel baffled and overjoyed and start blabbering away about all kinds of books to make up for the time you couldn’t spent talking about books to ‘non-reader’  friends? I have had that happen to me only a few rare times. Of course I hit the jackpot in the ‘best-friend’ department, because she happens to be a booknerd as well and I can always ring her to geek out over books. And I of course I made some friends going to events (as rare as they are in the Netherlands), but in everyday life it remains something that doesn’t really happen a lot.

UNIThat is until you decide to study English Language & Culture in University. Whew. Insert deep breath. Suddenly talking books wasn’t that weird of a thing! You mention a book and instead of realising that you should’ve kept your  trap shut and wincing in advance for the horrified faces that are sure to follow (slight exaggeration maybe, but still, you get the memo), somebody actually responds with excitement. During Introduction Week somebody noticed the book I was carrying in my bag, and it ended up in a conversation that lasted for about an hour. They didn’t even blink when I opened my bag and pulled out a book.  I mean I knew I wouldn’t have time to read it (everybody knows that the whole introduction week is so busy and when you do get home all you want to do is sleep), but I still brought one because, well, just in case… I always do! Of course it did lead to some laughter when I shared that I’d brought a total of 5 books for the whole week. It was a slightly big amount… especially since at the end of the week I hadn’t read a single page (I was going through serious withdrawals at that moment). It is such a relief to not have to explain myself as to why I carry around a book.

It was actually a pretty fun to realize that others knew the books I mentioned. Even more fun was when they found out I had a blog and promptly opened it on their cell phones and scrolled through my posts. The feeling of hitting the jackpot after mentioning Rainbow Rowell and others responding with equal enthusiasm (or getting a text message asking: Fangirl or Landline? Because she’d already ordered Eleanor & Park). That feeling is awesome.

talkI didn’t realize it, but I am just so tired of people making comments about me reading so much. There’s just these little things people say, the way they act when they find you reading quietly in a corner, that gets old. I’m above it most of the time, best way is too just reply with some wit or keep quiet, but these small comments get on my nerves. So it’s quite refreshing to realize that people are actually interested in what you’re reading.

It’s not like I want to talk books all the time. It’s just having the option to talk about the book you’re currently reading, the book you just finished and are completely in love with, the book that shattered all capability of speech, or fictional crushes that make our hearts beat faster and you just need to gush about. Twitter and blogging friends are great for that too, I love my quality time online discussing books with all of you fellow booklovers , but nothing beats an actual conversation with friends. And boy am I glad that I found that in University!

Do you have any good friends that you can talk books with?


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  1. 31/08/2014 / 14:10

    If you find people like that, it’s really an ‘INSTANT BEST FRIEND’ feeling, haha. I made those friends through blogging (we started a book club). My other friends from school hate reading and no one really get’s it, but at the same time they never make nasty comments about it. They were actually quite interested in it and asked a lot about my blog and how it works when you get free books. My boyfriend often listens to me ranting/fangirling and it’s adorable how he tries to care, when he has no clue what I’m talking about haha.

    • Iris
      04/09/2014 / 11:54

      Very much an ‘INSTANT BEST FRIEND’ feeling indeed! haha. I did meet some people through blogging, I met Kim! And we have our monthly bookish meetings (we basically meet up somewhere the Netherlands and then visit bookshops haha). I’d love to start a bookclub somewhere, but still haven’t managed to find one (someday!)
      You’re so lucky with a boyfriend who’ll listen to you fangirl! I need to find myself one (another: someday! ;) ).

  2. 31/08/2014 / 19:40

    Sadly, I only have one close friend who reads a good bit, but he mostly reads different stuff than I do, so I really don’t get to talk to anyone outside the blogsphere about books. College is a great place to find people with common interests though!

    • Iris
      04/09/2014 / 11:59

      College is a great way to find new people with common interests! I actually hadn’t really thought about it, so when I met all these people with common interests it was as if a whole new world opened for me!

      I’m so glad for the blogosphere though, because it’s THE place to go to when you need somebody to share your love for books with. There’s always somebody around with common interests to fangirl with! There’s nothing like fangirling on Twitter over books ;)

  3. I’m so happy you found some people that you can talk bookish with. I haven’t found them yet, unfortunately, besides from the bookish community online and my boyfriend. But I hope when I’m going to college, that I’ll find some people to talk bookish with :)

    • Iris
      04/09/2014 / 12:24

      The bookish community rocks! I honestly would’ve EXPLODED from all the feels already, if I hadn’t been able to talk bookish with everybody online!
      I hope you’ll find people with common interests in college as well, and if not, we’ll meet up and chat books together ;)!

  4. 07/09/2014 / 17:06

    Oh man that is SUCH a good feeling! I only have two friends who are into books as I am and I’m so glad to have them! I mean, I have you awesome bloggers to talk with about books, but it’s also cool to have friends outside the blogosphere who also loves reading because I find that rare.

    • Iris
      12/09/2014 / 21:56

      It REALLY is a good feeling. Friends to talk with (outside the whole online community) about common interests is so important!
      You’re definitely lucky with two friends who’re into books as much as you are! Nothing beats a good book discussion.

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