Who Knew This TV-Show Was THIS Good?

the 100

A few weeks ago I started watching The 100. I started getting curious about this show during the summer. I was in London with my sister to attend YALC and it seemed that all over Twitter people were talking about this show. Then university started and I felt like I couldn’t start a new tv show. So while I was on break I decided to watch an episode to see what all the fuss was about… and two days later I’d finished watching the entire first season. I haven’t even read the book yet, but that first episode was so incredibly good that I couldn’t stop watching. I am completely and irrevocably obsessed with this show.

And then there was Lincoln, and my obsession grew even bigger. Or more specifically: Lincoln and Octavia. The two meet, they have this strong connection, and pretty fast after that they’re getting hot and heavy. Sound familiar? Well, it seems like a perfect example of insta-love doesn’t it? But while this would annoy me to no end in books, I don’t seem to care about it in tv-shows. I have no idea why, but I ship them all the way. They’re some of my favourite characters in this show. Maybe it’s just because Lincoln is a badass and looks incredibly good. Maybe it’s that they have great chemistry. Or maybe it is the character development they both undergo. I really have no idea, but what I do know is that I binge watched all the episodes there are in under a week, and that’s fast (and quite possible slightly unhealthy).

I am so, so, so obsessed with this show and with Lincoln and Octavia’s relationship. I just love it. And can’t wait for the next episode to air!

Have you watched this show? What do you think about Lincoln and Octavia’s relationship?

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  1. 31/12/2014 / 19:56

    I am completely addicted to this show. I binge watched it in a day for Season 1 and then because I have Hulu Plus I was able to catch up for Season 2. I think the show is amazing. I have to say that the book is fairly disappointing. In some ways it is like reading a completely different story.

    See Review here: http://dazzledbybooks.com/2014/11/book-review-the-100-by-kass-morgan/

    The insta-love seems to be a big thing between books and movies. A big part of this is because we can’t have a complete visual picture when we are reading, it is whatever we can come up with in our imagination, but when we look at it in a movie or tv show, all the dirty details are right in front of us, so there is much less to object too. I also think it has a lot to do with the actor/actress chemistry. I think tv shows are just as easy to get addicted to as book maybe even more so because your brain has to do less work with not having to create its own visual.

    Lincoln and Octavia’s relationship has always been an odd one for me. I loved the fact that they were always willing to accept each other even though they come from different tribes/nationalities. Right there shows world acceptance. At the same time I still have a hard time believing in insta-love. Maybe infatuation but not love. I like them two of them together.

    • Iris
      19/01/2015 / 21:09

      I’ve heard this about the book from a few people… which is why I am putting of reading it. From why I read in the blurbs, it was really different then the show. So yeah…

      And you made a good point about the actor/actress chemistry. If that’s spot on, it’s really easy to get addicted.

  2. 31/12/2014 / 23:39

    I have not seen this! But the other day I blogged about a book idea I’d had and someone said it sounded like The 100 (phooey, hehe, I probably won’t write the book now, don’t want to copy!) lol but it HAS made me know I need to watch this show! Right after I finish Teen Wolf…

    • Iris
      19/01/2015 / 21:05

      My sister is a HUGE Teen Wolf fan, and I watched a few seasons (need to catch up!). You’ll LOVE the 100. The show is absolutely awesome.

  3. 02/01/2015 / 05:27

    Oh my goodness, YES YES YES! I watched this show for the first time like two weeks ago and I’m hooked. It’s incredibly good. And I noticed the insta-love with Octavia and Lincoln, but like you it doesn’t really bother me on TV. I’ve been putting off reading the book because I’ve heard it isn’t very good, and I kind of just like watching the TV show at this point. Like the Vampire Diaries! I remember trying to read the books, but the show had gone in a completely different direction that it was hard to follow.

    • Iris
      19/01/2015 / 21:03

      I’ve heard the same thing about the book, which is why I haven’t read it yet. (The Vampire Diaries! I love that show as well, I’ve read the books, but forgotten all about them. The show was way better!)

  4. 07/01/2015 / 19:30

    This show is so addictive. I’ve been wanting to watch the second season for a while now, but I’ve been so busy lately that I never got to it. I can’t wait to continue this weekend :D

    • Iris
      19/01/2015 / 21:02

      You’ll LOVE it! I can’t wait till the next episode airs (in three days!)

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